Stray Apes Hideout

An army of 2222 sentient apes gone stray to protect their jungle!
Presale of 555 Apes on 1st March, 2022 at 8PM UTC.
Mint Price: 1.5 SOL

Stray Apes

Stray Apes is a first-of-its-kind example of what next generation of blockchain gaming look like! Stray Apes RPG is going to a lore-based game with a structured development team which prioritizes on player experience!

Our primary focus of this project is to provide an entertaining gameplay experience and to build an engaging community of people who support the vision of a blockchain based future!


Apes gone stray.

Hottest Ape project on Solana

Stray Ape Utilities


Playing the Stray Ape RPG would require $STRAY tokens and our holders will get 7 tokens airdropped to their wallet on a daily basis! These tokens will not only allow you to play the Stray Apes RPG, but also serve as means of passive income!


In the phase 2 of our roadmap, we will be launching our very own RPG game in which you’ll be not only be able to role-play and take decisions as Commander Smuggy, but our holders can get a chance to have their Stray Ape NFT as a playable character as well! Explore areas, make decisions, choose dialogues and arrive at a different ending based on the choices you made!


Stray Apes RPG is your game. It’s meant to be played exactly how you want it to be played! Based on the choices you’ve made; you’ll arrive at an ending. There’ll be a plethora of such endings and there’s one correct ending which will be hand-drawn in the manga and the first 50 players who achieve this, will be crowned as winners!


Our NFT holders will be given exclusive access to the Stray Apes RPG web-comic/manga which will tell the lore of the Stray Apes RPG for that season as well as serve as a solution to the true winning ending of the previous season!


After the first public sale, our entire team will be focusing on allocation of the liquidity pool from the mint amount and make sure that they’re listed on various top tier exchanges like Raydium, Kucoin etc.


At the end of every season, we will have a Stray week festival which, as the name suggest will be a week-long festival in which we will be honoring and distributing prizes to the winners of that season as well as distributing the revenue generated from the Stray Apes RPG to our community of holders!

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about Stray Apes?

In the 1930's, there was a huge jungle called Sisaleon. Within the very depths of Sisaleon, there was one particular area which was not easily accessible. It was called the Fanged Eucalyptus and it was home to Sentient Apes. With time they evolved and adapted to human culture and now they are known as "THE STRAY APES".

Team behind everything

Stray Ape Army

Get your questions answered!


What is Stray Apes?
Stray Apes is an upcoming NFT project on the Solana Network. It is one of the few projects which aims to combine blockchain technologies with gaming! The Stray apes NFT’s will then be integrated into the Stray apes RPG game which will be launched in the next phase.

What is the game about?
Stray Apes RPG is a story-based RPG game which will be launched in the Phase II of our roadmap. Each chapter of the game will have multiple endings along with a true ending based on the decisions you take. First 10 people who achieve the true ending will be crowned as winners!

Where can I read the official whitepaper?
We’re proud to announce that the whitepaper of our project is published. Visit to READ.

Where can I read the tokenomics?
Tokenomics of our project is published. Visit to READ.

What is the total supply?
Presale: 555
Public sale: TBA

What will be the mint price?
1.5 SOL

When is the mint?
Presale mint on 1st March, 8PM UTC.
Public sale is TBA.